Kernel 3.0 RC7

Hace algún tiempo Linus Torvalds, anunció que la versión RC6 del Kernel 3.0 de Linux sería la última antes de la definitiva. Pues bien, ha aparecido un nuevo mail en que dice:

I think I said -rc6 might be the last -rc. I lied.

Things have been pretty quiet, but there's enough new stuff here that
I wanted to do another -rc, and we still have some issues with the RCU
changes causing problems when RCU events happen before the scheduler
has been fully initialized etc. So -rc7 is out there, although it
might not have mirrored out to the public sites quite yet.

I also ended up re-generating the -rc6 files (fat-fingered the release
script), so the -rc6 patches and tar-balls look all brand spanking new
too! Two releases for the price of one!

There's not a whole lot to say about it - the appended shortlog gives
a reasonable overview. Random drivers (we're back to the usual "two
thirds drivers" statistics), some media and cifs updates, and some
vmscan corner case improvements.


Por lo habrá que esperar un poco más antes del lanzamiento final.


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