Firefox 7 Beta1

Sólo hace unos días del lanzamiento de Firefox 6 y ya tenemos la primera beta de Firefox 7, con la que se reducirá el consumo de memoria, como comentamos.

Entre las novedades destacan:
  • Improved memory management: The JavaScript garbage collector works more frequently to free up memory and improve performance when you have many tabs open or keep Firefox running for a long time.
  • Azure Direct2D for Canvas: Helps Firefox speed up HTML5 Canvas-based animation rendering.
  • Web timing spec: Enables developers to measure page load time and site navigation so they can identify how to make website performance improvements.
  • CSS 3 Text-Overflow: ellipsis: Additional way for developers to display CSS 3 text that overflows the layout area.
  • Telemetry: Install this add-on and opt-in to report browser performance data and help improve future versions of Firefox.
    … while the mobile version (for Android devices) includes:
  • Copy and paste
  • Restored session history and tabs
  • Language selection: Firefox can detect the language setting on your Android device or allow you to select from more than 10 languages during initial set up
También ya aparece en los ftp las primeras nightly build de Firefox 8 (disponible también en 64bits) y Firefox 9 donde se renovará el interfaz, además de otras mejoras.

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