Opera 10.63 disponible

Ya esta disponible una nueva actualización del navegador Opera. Incluye numerosos arreglos de funcionalidad, seguridad, mejoras en la interfaz, uso de CPU entre otros arreglos que pueden revisar luego del corte con el respectivos enlaces para descarga tanto para Windows, Linux y Mac OS.

User interface


- Crash when removing custom settings folders

- Start Bar being blanked out after opening a background tab

- Opera Unite Messenger application not loading

- Crash when saving a file while the page redirects

- Crash after leaving a page containing Flash with wmode=”transparent”

- Using Opera Link, bookmarks dragged out of the Opera Mini folder are recreated when sent as added in the Opera Mini folder again

- Opera Link freezing on startup

- Fallback to a second address being very slow

- Reloading pages give multiple unclosable download dialogs

- Menus being as high as the screen and nearly empty

- Crash when viewing the bookmark menu

Display and scripting


- Handling of Content-Disposition extended parameters


- Memory corruption when using SVG in an <img> element

- Several JavaScript-related issues, including one with Yahoo! Mail Classic

- A mouse focus problem related to plug-ins

- Incorrect compilation to native code leads to wrong arithmetic results

- Crash when assigning data or src attribute on a focused and highlighted <input> element with dirty layout

- JavaScript alerts opening shortly after a page loads close instantly



- 100% CPU usage occurring when starting Opera

- Crash when opening a file with Content-Disposition: attachment directly in Opera



- Fixed an issue that allowed cross-domain checks to be bypassed, allowing
limited data theft using CSS.

- Fixed an issue where manipulating the window could be used to spoof the
page address.

- Fixed an issue with reloads and redirects that could allow spoofing and
cross-site scripting.

- Fixed an issue that allowed private video streams to be intercepted.

- Fixed an issue that caused JavaScript to run in the wrong security context after manual.

Descarga Opera 10.63 (Windows, Linux y Mac OS)

Fuente: MadBoxpc.com

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